What Are the Duties of a Property Appraiser in Walton County, Missouri?

Property Appraiser

The walton county property appraiser, John C. Taylor, is paid by the sale of a home to the buyer. When a real estate transaction takes place, the seller has the option of having his property appraised or not. This will help determine the value of the home based on how it was bought. It is important for the seller to get his property appraised, so that he can make sure that the offer that he gets from the buyer is fair and worth what he is asking for.

The Duties of a Property Appraiser

  • The duties of the property appraiser include determining the value of the home. He also determines the price per square foot of the home and calculates the interest rate on the mortgage loan that is being used to purchase the home.
  • The Walton County property appraiser also conducts the necessary investigations when it comes to making sure that a buyer is being compensated properly for his purchase. There are times where a homeowner may not get the amount that he is looking for when it comes to the price of a home. A property appraiser will conduct an inspection of the home in order to determine the value of the property.
  • During an inspection of a home, the appraiser will use a number of methods, which include the amount of improvements that have been made on the home over the years. If there has been additions or new features that were added during the renovations, these will be used as a way of determining the value of the home. The amount of improvements and the age of the home will be taken into consideration when making this determination.
  • Other methods that will be used are the purchase price, amount of additional expenses that the homeowner is expected to incur, the interest rate, and any other fees that can be attributed to the home. The appraiser will also look at the condition of the home and if the home will need repairs before it sells.
  • The appraiser will also go through the listing documents for a home. This can take up to two weeks to finish because there is a lot of information that needs to be reviewed in order to get a correct figure for the value of a home. Once all of the information is received, the appraiser will then do a complete assessment of the home. In order to determine the fair value of a home, the appraiser will take the buyer’s offer and compare it against the appraised amount.
  • Appraisal services can be used by the seller as well, so that he can have an accurate way to determine the value of a home. The services of a real estate appraisal can help them decide whether or not to purchase a home that needs repairs and can prevent them from purchasing a home that is above its fair market value. This is especially true if the seller wants to buy a home that is a bargain or a home that they will be able to resell.
  • If a homeowner is not planning to purchase a home in the future, then he will be able to obtain a real estate appraisal without the assistance of a professional. However, the real estate appraisal should only be performed by professionals who have experience in this area and that have had time to learn about real estate values in the area where the home is to be purchased.
  • Appraisal services are used by both the owner and the seller of real estate. The property appraiser is able to help determine the value of a property. in order to help keep track of the fair market value of homes in the community and to help avoid the purchase of a home that is below what is considered fair market value.

Walton County Property Appraiser Home Taxes

Owners need to pay home taxes yearly to the County Tax Collector. If the owner stops working to pay his/her charges, a tax collector offers a Tax Certificate at a date and time marketed. The certificate might in your possession for a minimum of two (2) years but not more than seven (7) years.

The certificate holder needs to request the tax deed sale by presenting the original certificate to the Tax Collector. For additional information about tax certificates, contact the Walton Tax Collector’s office. The Tax Collector will certify the tax deed application over to the Clerk, who computes the base quote and charges the certificate holder for the costs of holding the sale.

In Conclusion

A good property appraiser is important in this area as this is where the valuation of homes and land is based. By using a property appraiser to help decide the value of a property, a homeowner will know the value of the home when they purchase it.

In addition to the duties that the county appraisal requires, the appraiser is also responsible for ensuring that any mortgage on the home is paid. The appraiser can provide a report to the seller of the home showing any repairs that need to be made.

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